Jochen Leisinger was born in Southern Germany in 1962. After graduating from high school, he completed an apprenticeship as a print maker and then studied communication design in Constance. He discovered photography while still at school and intensively explored the technical and artistic possibilities during his studies. After graduating, he became an art director in Frankfurt am Main. Early on, he recognised and used digital photography and its possibilities for his work. In his artistic works, he finds unusual perspectives on things that are often seen. He is particularly fascinated by nature in all its facets. The motifs are highly aesthetic and quite striking. They cannot be understood immediately, always requiring a second and third look. A certain mystery remains and awakens the desire to take a closer look. The works are mostly series and are created over many years.

Tree series 
Trees are the focus of this series. But in a completely different way than usual. They float centrally above the viewer. Detached from their reality, they are immediately recognisable as trees with all their details, branches, twigs, leaves, blossoms etc., but through the surrealistic view they become unseen motifs. Graphically arranged centrally in a square, in subtle colours, they have an almost magical effect. The angle of view and the processing reveal the aesthetics of the hidden.

Reflection series
The Reflections series is also about the search for beauty and aesthetic patterns in nature. Reflections on water, often in several layers, more or less abstract patterns, frozen movement. Painterly dissolving forms and colours. Moments that have only existed once for a single eye, captured by the camera.
Flower series
Similar to the series Trees, the flowers shown here are detached from normal reality. They strive towards the light, the gaze goes with them. Reduced to a few colours and brushstroke-like forms, they reveal an aesthetic all of their own.

Blossom series
The detail shots of blossoms surprise with their strong colours and painterly details. It is not about a naturalistic representation of a certain species, but about the beauty, the delicacy, the wonders of nature and the joy of it. Not sharpness and detail, but abstraction is the goal.

Communication Design Diploma
Graphic Designer
Art Director
Digital Image Editor

Pablo & Paul Gallery, 2015-2018
Oneeyeland Gallery, online
Apple Cider Gallery Frankfurt, 2020
Saatchiart Gallery, online
Apple Cider Gallery Frankfurt, 2021
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